Grace, mercy, hope, and communication

This will be a very different post.  One of reflection….

I am so thankful for the opportunities afforded to me and the people who have come into my life, left my life, those that remain, and am hopeful for the people yet to enter.  I am in the process of writing a post about Commandments and Convictions, however, this has been a draining week.  This is just a pause for reflection.

I teach.  5 1/2 years ago our school had a student take his life.  It was his split second decision that changed the world around him, but that decision was based on actions of electronics, social media, and the reaction of people.  I cannot imagine experiencing anything where I feel everything is hopeless.  We live in a world full of communication, yet we so often fail to communicate. Or we are humans communicate poorly.

Tuesday, this student’s mother came and shared with the school some thoughts of what can be learned from the decision her son made.  His sister graduated 4 years ago.  His class graduated last year. Tuesday, for me, was emotionally draining.  She began the chapel with showing a movie of pictures of her son, her family…. showing the students that they were a normal family.  This was difficult for me to watch.  This family is near and dear to my heart.  Even before their lives changed forever, I saw something special.  When I got my dog, this boy talked about borrowing her to go hunting with… one of my favorite memories of visiting with him.

After the assembly, in my two 9th grade classes, we took time in class to discuss the chapel.  They were in the 4th grade at the time it all happened, so details were fuzzy or never known.  This was an important moment in my teaching, I believe, because I was able to be honest and real with my students about my thoughts and feelings.

The take away from Tuesday and this week…. I hope my students take away the understanding that nothing is hopeless to the point of taking their own life, that I love them dearly, and as important as education is….. it is more important that they have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

My take away is that there are things in life that leave scars on your heart that are constant reminders that no moment needs to be wasted.  Life is precious, and I need to focus on the majors and not the minors.  I need to be merciful and extend grace, communication (face to face) is important, and I need to forgive often and love completely.

Just my thoughts, no deep theological study today…. just reminders that life is precious and Jesus is the hope that the world needs.

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