Time and No Regrets

Grief is a funny thing.  Everyone handles it differently.  I come from a long line of tenderhearted people…. as “Truvy” says in “Steel Magnolia’s” …. “No one cries alone in my presence.”   This is especially true when we are experiencing the same time of grief.

It is never easy to lose someone you love.  A week ago my Granny left this Earth to be with our heavenly Father.  It has been an emotionally draining week.  There has been a flood of sadness, memories, some laughter with family, and thinking through all the relationships in my life.  One thing I want to do is live my life with no regrets where relationships are concerned.

It boils down to this….

“Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” Luke 6:31

We love God through loving others.  Therefore, logically, when we treat others poorly, or in a way that would be considered “un-Christlike,” we are saying we would like people to treat us in that way.  And ultimately, we are treating someone that God created and loves dearly in a hurtful manner.

On the Thursday, the day before my Granny passed away, I went to Sonic after school and got her a Strawberry Slush just because I knew she would enjoy it.  She wasn’t feeling well, and even though I missed “Happy Hour” I wanted her to have one.  I am so glad that I did and that I spent some time with her that day.  I could have just gone home, because I had a million and one things to do, but I didn’t.  That is time that I will always be thankful I had.

Granny lived a good life and loved her family dearly.  She loved being a Mother, a Granny, and a Great Granny.  She could cook pound cake and biscuits like no other.  She was a farmers wife for along time, and taught myself and my sisters many things about farm life that I am now thankful I know.

Stuff, to do lists, etc… can wait.  Time is something you can’t get back.  We are all given the 24 hours each day.  Use it in such a way that you have no regrets.  Give people time. It is the most precious gift.

2 thoughts on “Time and No Regrets

  1. knowwherehome says:

    Still working on that. Mom left us two years ago, she always said, “all life is precious”, I miss her so much, and I am barely starting to see the light of day. Thanks for sharing.


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