The storm before the calm… or the chaos

Have you ever been driving in a rain storm…. the kind of storm where it is raining so hard you can barely see.  You should probably pull over and wait, but there isn’t really a good place to do that, so you slowly keep going.  And as you keep going, you see on the side of the road several times cars that have spun off the road and now side among the trees and in ditches… and you are thinking (“I really should pull over”) but you keep going.  Several times you get that feeling where you are riding on top of the water and you wait for your car to start going out of control…. All around is wind that probably given a little more gusto could have taken you out; rain beating so hard even the high-speed on the windshield wipers couldn’t keep up;  lightning striking all around and it looks like it is hitting a target every time; and water just standing on the road.

This resembles life, at times.  Have you ever felt like your world around you was just like this storm.  And you are pushing through despite those obstacles… and just when you think you are about to spin out of control…. you glide on through to the other side of the puddle… well aware of the blessings you have, especially after seeing others in the ditches and trees.    Then you think… why was I ok and they are suffering?… how could I help them?  Even though life isn’t perfect for me, how can I make it better for them?

Life can be like that at times.  There have been times I have even spun out of control and needed help by whoever would help me. But there has been times I have been just fine.  In both circumstances my faith has grown and I have learned so much!  There have been times, in hindsight… the storm was not so bad after all.

The question is:  when do you know when to pull over and wait for the storm to pass; and when do you know when to push through?

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