The grass is always greener….It’s a Choice…

“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14

Happiness, Joy, being positive, seeing the “glass half full”…. it is all a choice.

As I look through my social media feeds and the news, listen to people talk/post on their page or account (aka, complain), watch TV and commercials I have come to a conclusion…. people have forgotten how to be happy or thankful.

Something that I was taught growing up is , If God has place you somewhere, be the best at what you are doing, make the most of each situation.  Happiness/Joy is an internal thing, not external.  And if something is external that is causing the friction… do what you can to change it!

It is important to look at life, relationships, circumstances and think about, what is it that is going to help further God’s Kingdom, what lesson am I learning? The answer may not be immediate, but usually in hindsight it will be.  I firmly believe that God has my best interest and knows the purpose for my life (Ultimately to Glorify Him with my life and to share Him with everyone around me).  If I am not doing that, I am not being obedient.

If I am not “happy” where I am and making the most of every opportunity; Moving, changing jobs, changing churches, etc… isn’t necessarily going to make that better or make me happier with my life.  Sure, making a change may be in the plan, but what is my motivation for wanting a change?  I must seek Him in those life decisions and trust that He is directing my path.

When/If I am complaining about EVERYTHING in my life, making “passive-aggressive” statements about others and situations, begin judgmental, stirring up drama, etc… on Social Media, His Glory is not being brought to light, His character is not shinning through.

Keep in mind today that God has you where you are “For such a time as this…”  Look for your purpose and ways you can Glorify Him through each moment of each day.  You never know how your life is going to impact those He brings into your path today.

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