New Year, New You… What’s your word?

So the New Year is quickly approaching.  It is time.  It is time for a new start, and refreshed outlook….

I have a friend who challenged me to find my word for the coming year.  I have chosen “Progress.”  You see… I have a tendency to be single minded and when I set goals I work at them with reckless abandon, and if I don’t reach the goal, or I fall short, or I have to change the goal, I get discouraged.  BUT… this year I am going to focus on the progress I make and not necessarily completing the goal.  I mean, yes, reaching the goal is the ultimate point, but at 6 months, I will evaluate my progress.

It is really about the journey anyway, right?  Who am I becoming?  How am I growing and changing over time?  How are my relationships evolving?

So… what’s your word?  What are your goals?  Ready. Set… let’s make some progress!


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