Time Marches On …

FB_IMG_1514778744764I have not written too much this year, if you haven’t noticed.  I have not wanted to sit down and reflect or think through anything, to be honest.  This has been a year of change for me.  And it has been a crazy fast year…. I think it is true that time speeds up as you get older.  365 days are not enough to get everything done that needs to be done…. Or, maybe I am too busy (sometimes on purpose) and that is why time flies.  If I were completely honest, I am a little apprehensive about starting a new year.  2017 is where my Daddy is and where my work of 11 years remains.   The year of complete change leaves a void of so much of my way of life.  This time last year I would have never dreamt that life would be completely different when looking in the face of 2018.  But none of it surprised God as it happened, and I am thankful for His grace and guidance as I have navigated through it all.

It all started last January, Dad went into the hospital January 8th and he passed away January 29th.  Last Christmas and New Year, if you would have told me the events that would soon take place, I am not sure I would have believed you.   So, it has been a year of firsts without him… new traditions and a new “normal.”   That has been hard.  We are coming up on a the year anniversary.  I am thankful for the family that I have been given.  I cannot imagine making it through this year without them and my faith!

In April, I learned that I would not be returning to a position and to students that I absolutely loved.  I would no longer be teaching at the school that is my home.  The place I spent 13 years as a student, 2 as a sub, and 11 as a teacher.  I would not longer be a Speech and Debate coach, Bible teacher, etc…. I miss my people there greatly.  I miss my routine, I miss my students…  I never realized how much of my time and identity was in my job.  So the look for work began.  In the Summer I spent 2 weeks at a call center… ummm, yeah, not really my thing.  I applied for job after job, being told that I was “over-qualified” or “we cannot afford to pay you what you are worth.”  Let’s just say my faith was stretch and I wasn’t so sure I had as much as a mustard seed size of faith left.  I began driving a taxi in July/August, to make some money while looking for a job.  I mean, I still had a mortgage and bills to pay.

In October, the opportunity came around for me to begin in Administration at Montgomery Christian School.  What a blessing the Principal, students, parents, Board, and teachers are at my new job/ministry.  It is a school that really is all about the students and what is best for them.  I am so thankful for this opportunity!  I look forward to many years of serving here.

Also this year, my dog was diagnosed with diabetes and went blind.  It has been a learning curve of giving 2 shots a day, learning the way around the house while bumping into walls, etc…. But Lilly is still a good dog and loves me no matter what.

In March, 2 blessings were added to our family.  My twin nieces have been a reminder of God’s continued blessings and that life continues to go on even in grief, even in heartache, and we must continue to live our lives intentionally or we may miss the good parts.

I have met some amazing people this year and been blessed with old friendships who have helped heal my heart.  For each person I am thankful, probably more than they realize.

So, as I put 2017 behind and press on to 2018, my prayer is that through heartache and blessings…. whatever comes my way, I am able to live intentionally, love completely, forgive fully, and continue to become the person God wants me to be…. because He’s not done with me yet and I have so much to learn.

Happy New Year!

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